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South Australian Road Transport Association

For Information on the Road Safety Remuneration Order please visit the RSRT Website: Click Here


RSRT Minimum Rates Debacle 

Legal advice available to SARTA members


The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunals Order requiring subbies be paid at least the amounts set out in the RSRT Order, is ALREADY causing havoc, with subbies being told they no longer have any work.

Operators who fail to comply with the Order expose themselves to high risks of claims and back pay as well as penalties. All operators need to know about this Order and whether or they are covered  and what their obligations are.

SARTA is keeping it members informed. 






SAT 28 MAY 2016






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The South Australian Road Transport Association (SARTA) is the recognised peak industry body for Road Transport in South Australia. SARTA commenced providing services to association members in 1908 as the Masters Carriers Association.  SARTA has achieved a great deal for the Industry and all truck operators and drivers have benefited significantly from our work.

Click this link for a summary of the major achievements in recent years. This alone is good enough reason for operators to support their Industry's peak body by becoming a member (our membership fees are very modest) , so that we can be even more effective.

SARTA provides a high level of professional services to its members and represents the industry generally when lobbying the Government for improved conditions on and off the road on issues ranging from driving hours reforms to routes and access issues. SARTA also plays a key role in Industrial Relations at the State and National levels, fighting hard to ensure that wages and conditions are kept at reasonable levels and are not blown out by Union demands.

SARTA Membership makes good business sense because we'll keep you informed on critical issues that affect your trucking business. If your organisation is not a member of SARTA you can not take advantage of the wide range of industry-specific information and support services that we provide to help members. For details click here.

SARTA's services and operations are managed by SAMS (South Australian Management Support), which provides a wide range of specialist programs, products and services to SARTA members at heavily discounted rates.